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What to expect at your first visit:

Your Doctor will take you through a comprehensive functional movement evaluation and orthopedic evaluation, discuss the nature of your condition, medical history, and your goals for treatment. Here’s what you can expect during a visit:

  • A clear diagnosis and specific, reasonable plan to help you meet your goal

  • Treatment that includes manual therapy and/or an adjustment to reduce pain and restore movement

  • Rehabilitation and corrective exercises are performed to target your strength and balance

  • We empower you with instruction and strategy to ensure out get out of pain quickly and overcome pain long-term

The Tangelo team has dozens of years of experience in helping people to live their healthiest lives.

With a profound passion for providing the highest level of care, our team continually hones his skills through daily training to perfect our craft. We perceive chiropractic adjustments and rehab as a skill that requires constant refinement. Our unwavering commitment is to empower each individual who enters our practice, to guide them towards their full potential by fostering reconnection to themselves and to facilitate genuine healing.

Your well-being is our priority, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve a life of optimal health and vitality.

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Erik A.

I worked with Dr. Ryan Gloeckner for some upper back/neck pain I had been dealing with for weeks that would not get better with rest. He immediately found the issue and came up with a plan for how to relieve my pain including appointments and things to do on my own. He estimated 2-3 weeks until I would be back to my normal activities and in a week things were already feeling better. He also helped me come up with a plan to strengthen my neck & back moving forward as well so I won't have any more issues going forward! Teala was also super friendly and helpful with scheduling and helping me with my insurance questions. Can't recommend them enough!

Sara L.

I started going to Tangelo due to irritation in my hip when running. Dr. Christine was able to fix that, along with helping me with better posture, flexibility and mobility in just a few weeks. I ended up injuring my leg later on and now we are working on healing that and working on running properly so I do not re-injure myself in the future! Dr. Christine is great at meeting her patients on their level and works collaboratively to make sure treatment plans are always accessible based on her patients different needs and abilities. She really cares about all of her clients and chatting with Dr. Christine during my visits can be the highlight of my week!

Gina I.

Everyone at Tangelo creates a welcoming and friendly environment. Dr. Christine is amazing at what she does! She is a kind and attentive provider with comprehensive training, drive for continued learning, and creates individualized well thought out treatment plans in a safe space. I highly recommend this clinic!

William B.

Dr. Christine Walty, Seth, and the entire team at Tangelo are phenomenal at what they do. I have seen a number of chiropractors over the years, and this is by far the best experience I've ever had. They really listen, pay close attention, and truly care here and it makes such a difference. I came in for a shoulder injury that I hadn't seen any change in for about 3 months and now I am pain free. The physical therapy exercises in conjunction with the chiropractic treatments are so helpful in not only healing, but also avoiding injury in the future. Shoutout to Teala too for being so nice!